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The Great Clutter Challenge: I give minimalism a try

When Kyle Quilici and Cary Fortin of New Minimalism came to Sunset’s offices, I furiously took notes and vowed allegiance to the five principles they shared with us. You see, my desk is almost always cluttered with stacks of books, tiles, fabrics, reader letters, and every piece of paper from every meeting I’ve been to in the last three months. “I’m […]

The Great Clutter Challenge: Overcoming Attachments

Walk past my cubicle, and you’ll be greeted by quite the tableau:

Sunset’s Great Clutter Challenge

No matter how you slice it, moving ain’t easy. The last time I moved, I distinctly remember a moment—4 a.m. the day I was scheduled to move—when I sat down on my bedroom floor, surrounded by boxes, and wept.

Designer feed: Mexican style, organizing, and burned wood

We’re all working toward a three-day holiday weekend, so let’s get right to it. I don’t want to get between you and the pretty.