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Montana takes over the Emerald City

Montana is making a play for Seattle. On almost every bus, billboard—even this downtown ferry terminal—there are National Geographic-esque nature scenes seducing you to Montana.

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Cool tool: The Atlas of Food

How many acres of vegetables are harvested in your area? Another cool tool to see how the West rules is The Food Environment Atlas. Idaho, California, Washington and Oregon—and okay, we’ll admit it, parts of Florida—score high on number of acres harvested for vegetables. How do people survive in other places? Do they eat? Oh, right, it comes in by […]

Cool Cowgirl

Meet a real American Idol. Sarah is a wrangler at Montana’s 7 Lazy P Wilderness Ranch, and straight out of the pages of Lonesome Dove. On top of galloping around at dawn roping and corralling steeds, she’s a certified blacksmith and horseshoe master, forges her own belt buckles, and pulls off wearing chaps without looking like one of the Village […]