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Why are baby lobsters washing up on a Mexican beach?

I’ve seen a lot of crazy things on Mexican beaches, but nothing quite like this… Earlier this week thousands of baby lobsters washed up on a 5-mile stretch of shore near Tijuana. The event reportedly began on Monday, and by Tuesday morning police and fire department officials, with help from local residents, were on the beach with buckets, working to […]

Rare sighting: A Mexico beach without people

Frankly I’m a little disconcerted here in Todos Santos, Baja, without all the sun-blistered bodies fighting for towel space, without the snaking line of engine-gunning SUVs waiting to shell out parking fees, and no smell of burgers and fries before they become cellulite on thighs. I’m not a misanthrope all the time, but this might be the last place on […]