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Where to Find Delicious Indian Street Food

Although you can find street snacks at many restaurants in the West, not all are good. These are reliably excellent places—some are traditionally Indian; some take a fresh, modern approach.

Grey Water Gets Stylish

Most Western gardeners these days strive for sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly elements like low-water plantings, permeable paving, composting systems, and furniture made from recycled lumber. But there’s a new eco must-have on the block: Grey water. Quick definition: Grey water diverts water from sinks, showers, or laundry to hydrate the garden. And while, at one point in time, this may have conjured […]

5 Ways to Party on Election Day

Five ways to celebrate (or mourn) today:

Brilliant Idea for a Raised Bed

Stylish reuse is all the rage in the West, and architect Jeremy Levine is tearing it up in LA.

In this case, literally.