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LA’s edibles rooftop

When direct from the farm wasn’t fresh enough for Chef John Sedlar of LA’s Playa, he decided to grow their own–on the roof.

Cool tool: The Atlas of Food

How many acres of vegetables are harvested in your area? Another cool tool to see how the West rules is The Food Environment Atlas. Idaho, California, Washington and Oregon—and okay, we’ll admit it, parts of Florida—score high on number of acres harvested for vegetables. How do people survive in other places? Do they eat? Oh, right, it comes in by […]

Dream Job: Ms. Cookie

In San Francisco, a town known for its colorful characters, it’s hard to stand out in a crowd. Unless of course, you are local favorite Christa Hill who, dressed as a hybrid of Little Bo Peep + the missing Von Trapp sibling, hawks her freshly baked cookies at bars and parks whilst answering to the name ‘Hey, Cookie!’* Then you […]

The $5 Cup of Coffee

San Francisco is a town that cares about coffee. If money disappeared tomorrow, a nice bag of roasted beans would be worth at least a free range (plucked!) chicken, maybe more. Still, I was surprised to see Sightglass Coffee charging $5 for a cup of joe. I guess I shouldn’t have been. How else would they pay for the David Hicks wallpaper […]