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Links We Love: Better Budget

The word “budget” often causes a cringe, but pinching pennies doesn’t have to be painful.

Living the Plastic-Free Dream

Beth Terry, the (nearly) plastic-free guru who recently distilled her experiences into a book*, is one of those people you just want to sit down with over a cup of coffee (in a ceramic mug, of course). There are no hints of enviro-extremism about her. In other words, she doesn’t seem like someone who has spent hours cataloguing plastic in her Oakland, […]

The West Parks People, Not Cars

In a city where innovating is as natural as breathing, it’s no surprise a group of San Francisco designers looked at a parking spot seven years ago and thought, “leafy urban oasis!”

Reclaim Your Formal Wear

These days everything from our floors to our dining tables are made from reclaimed wood (lest you or your place of business be stripped of your eco-chic card). But a necktie?