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5 ways to nail the boho glam look

Are you drawn toward the relaxed vibe of a bohemian retro scheme, with its seemingly “thrown together” ambience? But do you also have a magpie-like urge to include glam metallic accessories, luxe textiles and opulent jewel tones? If so, then boho glam, a striking blend of relaxed style and luxurious glamour, is the look for you. Here’s how to combine […]

Links we love: Time to make some changes

Spring makeover ideas for every room in your home:

Links we love: Winter-to-spring DIY’s

Although the days are getting longer and warmer, and the eruption of plum blossoms makes it feel like spring, it’s technically still winter. From string lights to faux winter blooms, here are some easy DIY projects that perfectly transition from season to season:

7 bright ideas for kitchen lighting

  The light fixture over your kitchen island is, let’s be honest, probably not great. Replace it with one (or multiples!) of these statement pieces for an instant upgrade. 1. Ball and Chain Fixture. 2. Vintage Barn Pendant. 3. Industrial Chandelier. 4. Haleigh Wire Dome Pendant. 5. Alto Rod. 6. Origami Lamp. 7. Hype Triple.