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4 fuss-free container planting ideas

Our 2016 Idea House is in the East Bay Hills is in full swing (buy your tickets to see it for yourself). In addition to heaps of ideas for interior design, the property also features great container plantings, featuring the easy-care, water-rise plants from our Sunset Western Garden Collection. Enjoy!

Meet our 2016 Idea House designer

To be honest, it feels like we just finished our 2015 Idea House, and now a new one has creeped up on us. Well, lucky for us, our Bay Area house is in great hands! Lauren Geremia, a talented designer from Emeryville, is heading up the project, and she’s revealing some of her plans. Sunset: What excites you most about working on […]


Favorite color moments in the Denver Idea House

I’m just about to say goodbye to the Denver Idea House–we’ve photographed every inch of it and I can’t wait for you all to see it in another few months. In the meantime, here’s a look at my favorite moments of color in the house.

Ask the Expert: Andrea Ramirez on using flavored syrup

We asked Andrea Ramirez, customer marketing manager at Torani, for her expert advice on how to use flavored syrups in cocktails, coffee, and baked goods!