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A Hidden Oasis in Muir Woods

In New York, the cool kids know where the party’s at — and it’s usually at 1am in a top-secret abandoned warehouse in New Jersey. In the Bay Area, you still need to know someone with the directions to find the best weekend party, but the “directions” are a trail map and the dress code is hiking boots and a Camelback.

Kombucha on tap

Kombucha is still a bit of a mystery hippie drink to the rest of the country, but the good folks in Santa Cruz drink it straight from the tap. This was snapped at River Cafe. They serve up delicious meals cooked almost entirely with locally-sourced ingredients.

“I’m not a hippie”

I hear it all the time out here. And trust me: If you’re constantly naming all the ways in which you’re not a hippie, you’re a hippie. Unrecognizable as anything else to the rest of the country. But don’t worry. All that name-calling? It’s just because I’m jealous of your super dreamy life. Case in point: Chris Foraker. He runs […]

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