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Join Our Grilling Chat Today

With July 4 only a week away, we know you’ve got grill questions. Tons of them. Join us for a live Twitter chat today at 2 p.m. PST with an expert panel of food editors, chefs, and experts. You ask, they’ll answer. You even have our permission to grill them.

Smoked Turkey Three Ways

Have you made your plans for cooking the big bird? Let me tell you about the recipe I’m going to make this year, Sage and Thyme Smoked Turkey. On a Weber water smoker, it comes out juicy and fragrant, flavored with herbs and applewood smoke. But guess what, dear readers? It also comes out really well on a charcoal grill and a gas grill.

Chef Ryan Scott’s Best-Ever Camp Food

Celebrity chef Ryan Scott seeks our associate food editor Elaine Johnson’s tips on perfecting gourmet camp food. Check it out on Live Well Network’s “Food Rush” Sunday, September 15 at 8pm/7c.

Technique: Grilled Salmon in a Bay Laurel Cage

Inspired by NW Native American salmon bakes, this bay laurel cage not only infuses the fish with flavor, it helps keep the skin from sticking, and makes it easy to flip on the grill. A five-step plan for making your own.

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