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5 steps to a high-impact entry garden

The entry garden sets the stage for your modern home. In traditional home designs, a relatively solid exterior wall defined the house’s edge. The modern approach was to make the home’s exterior walls largely of glass and create a garden wall that defined the “edge” of the house, making the garden as much a part of the home as any […]

A great gift book for gardeners

When Outstanding American Gardens: A Celebration crossed our desk, we saw the book’s (second) subtitle, 25 Years of the Garden Conservancy, and thought, Oh, Connecticut lilacs and Virginia dogwoods. Then we opened it.

Where to go this weekend: Cheyenne Frontier Days!

Wyoming’s capital celebrates its Old West roots this weekend with Cheyenne Frontier Days—a great reason to cycle, ride horses, and sample craft beer in this fun-loving town. Here’s how to go, from Denver-based writer Davina van Buren.

Life in unexpected places

This week, we’re inspired by gardens growing in the unlikeliest of spots: