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5 genius tricks for small-space living

In a compact living space, each piece of furniture should earn its keep. These ideas—including adjustable tables, sliding bookcases and nesting and expanding furniture—make the most of small-space living.

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Raise the bar in your home this year with these inventive (and affordable!) ways to add some glam to your decor: How to make inexpensive furniture look like a million bucks. 10 garages gone glam. Get the look of a stunningly renovated cabin kitchen. DIY transformation: Boring to dazzling chest of drawers.

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New Year’s resolutions: They’re either a dirty three-word combo, or rules to live by come January. For those who’ve made them, here are some decorating tips to help you make good if you’ve resolved to…

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As we wrap up the year that was, we’re also looking ahead to 2016. Here are some hot ideas for remaking your space that are trending on the threshold of the new year: