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Designer feed: top inspiration for fall home updates

One decade out of any type of formal school situation and this time of year¬†still has me itching for a fresh start (and a fresh notebook. I bought this one in Denver). This year I’m redirecting that energy toward my apartment. I want to freshen up the pillows and window treatments, and hang more art. This week’s feeds are inspiring […]

Designer Feed: Denver Idea House Edition

I got in late from Denver last night where we were photographing the 2015 Idea House for our November issue. The house is going to be gorgeous and I can’t wait for you to see it. (And if you’re in or near Denver August 7 – September 13, come tour it!) This week, all our Instagram inspiration is taken from […]

From Instagram to retail: Eric Trine’s success story

Further proof that the¬†freshest designs are being cooked up in restaurants: Eric Trine‘s Octahedron stool.

One piece of furniture everyone should own

I’m currently on the hunt for a round library table and it reminded me of a conversation I had with furniture designer Cisco Pineda a few months ago. See what his one piece is and get a few more tips from the guy who brought us eco-sensitive sofas.