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(Not) Your Run of the Mill Food Cart

If you had asked me to guess what the next iteration of food cart would be, I probably wouldn’t have said a moped with a custom tandoori oven serving Georgian & Chechnya street food made by the former Meadwood pastry chef, Boris Portnoy.

California pizza madness

Yes, we’re buried in pizza. And yes, we’ve done food trucks to death. But still, we just can’t resist pointing out two new mobile-margherita ventures in California.

Hipster farmers and food truck owners

When I heard that small organic farmers Elizabeth Miller and Chris Jenkins of Minto Island Growers decided to throw a food cart into the mix, I couldn’t help myself, I thought: How very Portland. Except I was wrong. They’re in Salem, and this is an unheard of level of cool for the area. So then I thought, why should PDX, […]

Coffee on wheels

Doesn’t everyone at some point—likely in those few fuzzy years after college—dream of tricking out a VW and hitting the road selling something out of their car? Stiles Christner in Boulder, Colorado is actually doing it. Move over food carts, legal drug for sale—and it’s on wheels. Meet The Cozy Bean. The sweet side effect: Ordering a latte through a […]