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Smoked Turkey Three Ways

Have you made your plans for cooking the big bird? Let me tell you about the recipe I’m going to make this year, Sage and Thyme Smoked Turkey. On a Weber water smoker, it comes out juicy and fragrant, flavored with herbs and applewood smoke. But guess what, dear readers? It also comes out really well on a charcoal grill and a gas grill.

Technique: Grilled Salmon in a Bay Laurel Cage

Inspired by NW Native American salmon bakes, this bay laurel cage not only infuses the fish with flavor, it helps keep the skin from sticking, and makes it easy to flip on the grill. A five-step plan for making your own.

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Goggles for Grilling

One of our recipe testers, Rebecca Parker, recently brought some RSVP onion goggles into work because she has sensitive eyes and knew she was going to be prepping lots of onions. When she found out her day was also going to involve testing Michael Chiarello’s Calabrian chicken al mattone over a potentially smoky wood fire, she had a brilliant idea: wear the goggles for grilling.

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Eat Like a Chef: Q&A with Chefs Feed

When brainstorming our first-ever food lover’s issue, we knew we had to include a list of (some of) the West’s stellar dishes. But with so much buzz around food, and the sheer volume of good, fresh food out there, it was a daunting task to determine exactly what should make the cut. To help, we partnered with Chefs Feed, an app that sources food recommendations straight from the people who know it the bestā€”chefs. We sat down with founders (and brothers) Steve and Jared Rivera to get the scoop.