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Healthy Meal Plan: 30-Minute Recipes

When my colleague Andrea Minarcek started this year’s Eat Fresh Challenge, her New Year’s goal was to cook every night—but she has a pretty long weekday commute. To inspire her, I compiled a short list of favorite recipes from our Fast & Fresh recipes collection (these are recipes you can cook in 30 minutes or less).

Eat Fresh, Day 12: Finding balance. Out of the Test Kitchen and into the garden.

Who: Angela, test kitchen manager. This year, I’m determined to: eat dinner on weeknights and not graze my way through the evening. Even though this challenge is almost done, I still struggle with: eating a little too much during my workday. Coping mechanism(s): a quick walk around the block or in the Sunset garden between recipe tests. I’m feelin’: like […]

Eat Fresh, Day 8: Paying my penance

Truthfully, the only exercise I got all weekend was the bicep curls I did with my bags of new shoes while walking around downtown San Francisco.

Eat Fresh, Day 8: I found my new favorite recipe

  Last week, I set out to become a more creative, dedicated home chef, attempting to cook new-to-me, made-from-scratch meals every day. That meant doing a little recipe research and experimentation, and man, did I luck out: I discovered some terrific dishes. I made a divine Italian chicken sausage and artichoke soup. I cooked a savory quinoa bowl with Swiss chard and poached egg. […]