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Healthy Meal Plan: Family-Friendly Fish Recipes

A lot of health experts encourage us to eat more fish for their omega-3 fatty acids. For this year’s Eat Fresh Challenge, my colleague Jessica Mordo decided to focus on fish, but she wasn’t sure what to cook, since her young kids can be picky eaters.

Healthy Meal Plan: 30-Minute Recipes

When my colleague Andrea Minarcek started this year’s Eat Fresh Challenge, her New Year’s goal was to cook every night—but she has a pretty long weekday commute. To inspire her, I compiled a short list of favorite recipes from our Fast & Fresh recipes collection (these are recipes you can cook in 30 minutes or less).

Eat Fresh, Day 12: Finding balance. Out of the Test Kitchen and into the garden.

Who: Angela, test kitchen manager. This year, I’m determined to: eat dinner on weeknights and not graze my way through the evening. Even though this challenge is almost done, I still struggle with: eating a little too much during my workday. Coping mechanism(s): a quick walk around the block or in the Sunset garden between recipe tests. I’m feelin’: like […]

Eat Fresh, Day 8: Paying my penance

Truthfully, the only exercise I got all weekend was the bicep curls I did with my bags of new shoes while walking around downtown San Francisco.