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Earth Day: How Cooking Like Your Great-Grandma Can Save the Planet

Your great-grandma probably lived on a budget, between wars. She didn’t throw anything away if she could help it; she found clever (and I hope for your family’s sake, delicious), ways of using scraps and trimmings. She probably assessed her fridge and pantry on a daily basis and worked whatever she found

What’s really green?

We asked four industry experts what’s really healthy, eco-friendly, and smart—and what’s just green-washing. You can see some of their answers in our December issue, where we featured builder Jeff King’s own eco-smart remodel, but the rest you’ll find right here.

Remembering the Earth

With Earth Day coming up on April 22, I have to tip my hat to West Coast winegrowers and makers. I can’t think of any industry that has put more effective effort into practices that make sure they will have product to make for generations to come and we will have wine to drink without guilt, knowing that it’s causing no injury to our planet and people.

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