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Three cheers for California: State residents cut water use by 31 percent

The drought isn’t over. El Niño hasn’t yet brought us a single storm. And aquifers all over the state are still parched. But Californians should take a moment to celebrate an incredible collective effort: Residents reduced their water use in July by 31.3 percent over two years ago, far exceeding Governor Brown’s 25 percent mandate.


Oriental lilies: Summer’s most stylish blooms?

We think so. Okay, I confess to a weakness for Oriental lilies. They’re exotic looking, richly fragrant, and as flamboyant as Katie Perry’s dresses. But the best thing about them?

An L.A. lawn: Should it stay or should it go?

You remember the good old days of the lawn, right? Running around barefoot with your friends and pretending the dogs were sharks. Here in Los Angeles, I’m still living those days because this is my lawn, and I’m feeling horribly guilty for having it.

The most luxurious, water-saving showerhead ever

Do you remember the new showerhead I mentioned last week? At a flow of .75 gallons per minute, it puts other low-flow ones to shame.