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Save water: Hearst Castle asks visitors to use porta-potties

Oh, this one certainly has a delicious irony: Hearst Castle, which has 61 bathrooms, will be asking visitors to use porta-potties in July.

Lose the Lawn: before and after in Newport Beach, CA

When you live in Newport Beach, California, the ocean is a part of life. “We spend a ton of time in the water—either at the beach or on our boat,” says homeowner Dandy O’Shea. Back home, though, her family’s backyard—a bland patch of grass—didn’t reflect this lifestyle. So they hired garden designer Molly Wood to transform the spot into a beachy retreat.

5 ways to maintain a veggie garden in dry times

In our July story Edible Garden Party, writer Miranda Jones introduces readers to the talented Erin Scott, Berkeley-based author of the popular cooking blog Yummy Supper.

Is it cool to irrigate with well water?

Strolling a Bay Area neighborhood yesterday, I noticed a couple of water-intensive gardens where the owners have posted a sign letting passersby know “This garden is irrigated with well water.” What good does that really do?