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Links We Love: Just Crazy Enough to Work

This week we’re doing a hat-tip to ideas that make us shake our heads in disbelief. Impossible? Perhaps at first glance. Yet these surprising hacks demonstrate the power of ingenuity. Upcycling ideas that will blow your mind. (Like a votive made out of an orange peel—what?!) 10 happiness-inducing paint colors. Hint: It’s all about the pastels. 9 unusual cleaning tricks […]

Weekend DIY: Try a New Trellis

An A-frame trellis gives tomatoes or squash plenty of room to climb—and at the end of the season, can be folded flat for storage.

No-Fear Home-Canned Beans

Sean Timberlake is the affable, knowledgeable founder of Punk Domestics—an online trove of techniques and recipes for food preserving. He also writes Hedonia, about living the good life in San Francisco. This fall and winter, he’s leading culinary tours to Italy, complete with hands-on cooking and foraging classes with local cooks.

Yellow and Fabulous: The Mother of All Chicken Coops

When chickens have a better-looking home than you do, that’s when you know they’re living it large.