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How to Wash Faux Sheepskin

When I go into a house to scout it for photography, I often see a faux sheepskin. They’re everywhere–on floors, on chairs, on beds. And I’m no innocent: I have one in my living room. That kind of fluffiness is hard to deny. I almost gave up on mine a few weeks ago. It was starting to tuft in a weird way […]

Links We Love: Chic on a Shoestring

New year, new look for your home? Go for it, I say, because a revamp doesn’t mean hollowing out your bank account. Here are some affordable ways to give your space a shot in the arm.

Links We Love: Give Your Walls Some Love

Whether you want to update your wall decor or give one a head-to-toe makeover, here are some chic ideas to get you started.

Links We Love: Branching Out

Trees are moving indoors! From a bonsai-inspired desktop garden to a holiday tree made entirely of recycled paper, here are some inventive ways to bring a touch of the forest into your home.