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Eat Fresh, Day 12: Did people actually exercise before the Internet?

Work with what you’ve got, and within the boundaries of what you can control. The fact remains that I spend nearly three hours per day in my car, and another nine sitting on my tush at work. Short of moving or quitting my job, there isn’t a whole lot I can do about those things. But I do own a smart phone, a tablet, a set of dumb bells and a yoga mat. And I live on top of a massively steep hill. I can run up and down the seven flights of service stairs in my apartment building. I can walk down the hill and back up to pick up groceries for dinner. I can do tricep extensions while my Brussels sprouts are roasting.

Eat Fresh, Day 2: Something’s Fishy With My Diet

Who: Jessica Mordo, senior editor, This year, I’m determined to: Eat more fish.

Sunset‘s One-Block Feast

Remember when we raised hens, kept bees, and attempted to time-share a Jersey cow named Adelaide? That was all part of our One-Block Diet, a quest we launched in 2007 to live off our own land. We made cheese, bottled wine, grew a bounty of beautiful, fresh produce, and even harvested salt from ocean water—all right outside our office in […]