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The West Shakes Up the Way We Travel

A few months ago, Airbnb approached me to put together a Wish List of my favorite homes in the West. I enthusiastically accepted (of course). Along the way, I discovered that some of my favorite homes featured in Sunset over the years are for rent on the site.

Yes, that means you can actually spend the night in a house you’ve seen on the pages of Sunset.

Three Fantasy Yurts for Yurtaholics

Are you a Yurt-aholic? If so, you probably live West of the Rockies or, possibly, in Mongolia. The symptoms of the affliction are obvious. The photo above sets you into a shivered fantasy of escape, dreaming of how to bankroll staying in that circular canvas-y utopia forever. Those not afflicted look at the above and think, “Wow, does that thing […]

A Malibu Airplane House

Rihanna, filmed in front of a Malibu house made from parts of a deconstructed 747 jumbo jet for a Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot. This is a Part II for us. A story about the building of this house ran in our May 2010 issue here.

Genius Sierra A-frame for Escapists

One tiny house; 20 acres of Sierra wilderness. The architectural ratio of square footage to square acreage in this spot less than 20 miles from Yosemite skews wholly West—house as an extension of its environment.