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Links We Love: Fire & Water

Autumn = foliage, apples, pumpkins, and getting cozy by the fireplace. We’ve rounded up some stylish ways to make the mantle a focal point of your home. And because the drought isn’t anywhere near improving (gulp), we’ve included some great expert tips on reducing your everyday use.

Links We Love: Decorating Dos and Don’ts

Sometimes we need to let our creative instincts run wild and free. Other times we need to color within the lines. This week, here are some fun decorating ideas—plus some no-no’s to keep us within reasonable boundaries.


Links We Love: Getting Organized

When you’re no longer a student (or don’t have little ones who are), the back-to-school season still signals a need to get organized. Here are some stylish ways we’ve been inspired to get our homes in order.

Links We Love: Whimsy All the Way

We’re loving these fun-spirited DIY projects and decorating ideas. Why not add a new dash of personality to your home?