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A Moonlight Dinner for Yurtaholics

Crested Butte is one of the most iconic, authentically Western ski destinations in North America, but the residents of this tiny town are also known for doing things in the name of fun that others might consider somewhat dubious. Weird parades? Festivals involving the burning of a ginormous “Grump” effigy? Costumed nordic ski marathons? So it comes as no surprise that a moonlight cross-country ski or snowshoe trek to eat in a yurt is considered a good time here.

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A house crush on wheels

A Colorado couple hits the road with their chic, renovated Scotty camper

Cool tool: The Atlas of Food

How many acres of vegetables are harvested in your area? Another cool tool to see how the West rules is The Food Environment Atlas. Idaho, California, Washington and Oregon—and okay, we’ll admit it, parts of Florida—score high on number of acres harvested for vegetables. How do people survive in other places? Do they eat? Oh, right, it comes in by […]

Coffee on wheels

Doesn’t everyone at some point—likely in those few fuzzy years after college—dream of tricking out a VW and hitting the road selling something out of their car? Stiles Christner in Boulder, Colorado is actually doing it. Move over food carts, legal drug for sale—and it’s on wheels. Meet The Cozy Bean. The sweet side effect: Ordering a latte through a […]