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Where to go this weekend: Helena, MT

Montana’s capital is packed with all the Rockies classics: great hiking, cycling, and beer, plus (surprise!) a vibrant, world-renowned art scene.

Coffee desserts: the perfect way to end the day

On National Coffee Day, let’s all take a second to remember that coffee is not just about kick-starting your day. At the end of the day, it can be the ideal flavoring in many of our most important foods—ice cream, cheesecake, tiramisu, cream pie. Did I mention Kahlua?

Where to score free coffee now

Realizing that it was #NationalCoffeeDay en route to work this morning was a little like, I don’t know, remembering that it was my best friend’s birthday at 10 p.m. ON THE DAY OF. But if you, like me, enjoy a great cup of coffee any time of day, here are five spots to score free and reduced price Joe today.

Finally: Pour-over coffee…for camping

As a camper, former barista, and full-blown coffee addict—who recently, in a fit of desperation, dug a bag of instant coffee out of a campground trash can in order to get my morning fix—I was thrilled to hear about an exciting coming attraction: Kuju Coffee‘s camp-ready pour-over coffee.