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We shouldn’t hug our chickens?

That’s the message the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is trying to spread among us chicken owners. (Yes, we still have one hen here at Sunset, who will be going to a good home this coming winter, when we move to our new home in Oakland.)

What Makes a Backyard Chicken-Friendly?

We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: Backyard chickens are ruling the West. The latest in poultry trends? Chicken gardens. That’s right. Gardens designed around the needs of your feathered friends. The go-to book is Free-Range Chicken Gardens (Timber Press, 2012; $20), by Seattle landscape designer Jessi Bloom. Four things to keep in mind:

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Tour de Coop Hits Palo Alto

You know how we feel about our chickens — it’s poultrypalooza out here.

And, of course, coops gotta have style. But what’s the point of all that style if there’s no one to cluck over it? Enter the Tour de Coop, a self-guided bicycle tour of local chicken coops and gardens (bonus Western cred points for the two-wheel requirement).

Urban Farmers, Here’s a Swap Meet Not to Miss

I’ll be the first to admit that my idea of a Rocky Mountain high is a little…different. I totally geek out on goats and my heart races at the sight of a Booted Bantam chicken.

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