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Giveaway: VIP Tickets to our Celebration Weekend

Happy Wednesday! To get over that mid-week hump, we’re giving away VIP tickets, just because.

Vail’s free concert series, an L.A. guide, Sunset’s big open house—and more!

Happy first weekend in June, everyone! The summer’s begun, and our sights are set on packing our bags and exploring the West. Here are our 5 favorite travel finds of the week.

This weekend at Sunset: Learn to make a big salmon salad

  In summer, I love food I can make ahead and serve to guests outside. This lovely salmon niçoise salad, created for us years ago by Jessica Battilana,  is exactly that.

Update on the 2015 Sunset Idea House in Denver

Two weeks ago, I landed in Denver to see how this year’s Idea House is coming. I continue to be blown away by the care and energy of our team (Design Platform and Megan Hudacky). But let’s get to the most important thing: