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The West Shakes Up the Way We Travel

A few months ago, Airbnb approached me to put together a Wish List of my favorite homes in the West. I enthusiastically accepted (of course). Along the way, I discovered that some of my favorite homes featured in Sunset over the years are for rent on the site.

Yes, that means you can actually spend the night in a house you’ve seen on the pages of Sunset.

The Spookiest Town in California

Bodie State Historic Park near Bridgeport, California, hasn’t changed since 1877.


The Exotic Paradise of California

Recently an article in Collectors Weekly wrote about the history of camping “before camping got wimpy.” Do you think they could be referring to this take on camping featured in Sunset’s May 2011 issue?

The West in Pictures

Tumblr, the photo-based blogging site is a gold mine of unadulterated photo inspiration. As the days get shorter, these are our five favorites for stoking Western wanderlust.