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A way to shower with 70% less water?

In an ongoing effort to conserve water in our drought-stricken state, The California Energy Commission turned their attention to our showers this week, announcing Wednesday that they’ve adopted stricter low-flow standards for showerheads.

San Francisco to builders: Don’t flush our drinking water

Ask a San Franciscan—native or adopted—what we love about our town, and water will be high on the list. We have a history of fighting to protect our postcard-perfect bay and Pacific views from waterfront development, but we’re equally fierce about our drinking water, sweet (I swear) Sierra snowmelt from Yosemite’s Hetch Hetchy Reservoir. 

Oakland start-up sells ‘Imperfect’ produce to reduce waste

Most gardeners can attest that fruits and vegetables usually sprout with flaws. Knobby lemons, bumpy strawberries, and blemished potatoes have heavily stocked my gardens, and according to Oakland start-up, Imperfect, that is hardly an anomaly.

The reaping and sowing of California’s drought

Whenever Hector Tobar writes about anything, I pay attention.