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River-Rafting Trips Are Still On, Even With Record Drought

I’ll be the first to admit it: Worrying about your weekend plans in the midst of all the big, scary problems posed by California’s drought seems frivolous. (It’s an issue we should and are taking seriously.)

How to Use Laundry Water in Your Garden

  Yesterday I decided ramp up my water-saving efforts by collecting the runoff from my washing machine. What an eye-opener!

Should We Still Grow Backyard Veggies in the Drought?

It’s no secret that summer fruits and veggies take a fair amount of water to grow and produce a crop. With California’s mandatory 25% water cut backs, does it still make sense to plant our favorite backyard tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers?

58% of California is Experiencing Severe Drought

Yesterday the U.S. Drought Monitor reported that more than 58% of the state is now experiencing “exceptional” drought, the most severe category available. And 81% of the state has one of the two most intense levels of drought.