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Where to go this weekend: Portland’s Division/Clinton hood

Chockablock with game-changing restaurants, cafes, and boutiques, this eastside Portland district is still the city’s best place to grab a bite and browse. It’s especially fine in summer, when sunny, 70-degree days mean you can ditch your car and comfortably explore on foot.

Best Weekend Find: Roadhouse Coffee

I come from a family of caffeine addicts—of the “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning coffee” stripe—and my mother will settle for nothing less than espresso. Freshly ground, piping hot, mixed with meticulously steamed milk and dark chocolate to create an irreproachable mocha.

Where to go this weekend: San Diego’s East Village

There’s something for everyone—baseball fans, beer lovers, and bibliophiles—in this thriving downtown hood.

Where to Go This Weekend: Vashon Island, WA

The spirit of the back-to-the-land movement—particularly strong on this Washington island once upon a time—is echoed today in a cornucopia of new island-grown products.