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President Roosevelt’s “Floating White House”: SF Bay’s top cruise?

Where to go this weekend: Midtown Sacramento

Writer Kate Washington discovers all things charming about this California capitol neighborhood. See her favorite travel finds, below.

The one thing no one has asked you to do for the drought

Perhaps you feel yourself drowning in water-saving suggestions just now—low-flush toilets, gray-water capture, lawn removal, two-minute showers, dirty cars, etc., etc., etc. You’re undoubtedly awash in water stats, now knowing how much water it takes to grow a single almond (1 gallon) or to flush a toilet (1.6 gallons with a new toilet, up to 5 gallons with an old model). […]

Santa Barbara oil spill stains beaches

There’s a professor at Florida International University, Stephen Leatherman, who is known as Dr. Beach and proclaims himself to be “America’s foremost beach expert.” He has made a career out of selecting, annually, a list of the country’s top ten beaches. Every year, he has a different winner.