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Burning Man style rules the desert

I first found out about Burning Man from a former boss. My mouth dropped open when she told me she got married at the desert festival naked. Burners, as attendees call themselves, love dressing down almost as much as dressing up.

Labor Day travel finds: Burning Man, Bumbershoot—and more

1988 school bus revamps into tiny home dream

Some travelers seek plush, queen-size beds and waterfront views. Others yearn for a changing horizon and the open road. Lake Tahoe residents, Nick Cahill and Jessica Perez, soak up the best of both worlds with their Blue Bus Adventure, a vehicle that’s part vacation vessel, part tiny home.

Countdown to Burning Man

Burning Man tickets go on sale NEXT WEEK. (Or, to be more specific, registration for Burning Man tickets starts February 11. The tickets go on sale February 17.) So while you’re figuring out your ticket strategy plus your costume strategy, why not read my take on my (long-suffering) wife’s and my visit to the spectacle in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. […]