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No, that wasn’t really Esalen in the “Mad Men” finale

Don’t worry, we won’t let slip any serious spoilers—the episode did only air on Sunday—but if you have watched it, here are a few links you might want to check out. (And if the show is still waiting on your DVR, well, get to it already!)

The best water-saving idea yet

My new water-conservation hero is John Cox, the executive chef at Sierra Mar, the restaurant at the much-loved Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur.

A nest for humans in Big Sur

Birds are big in the West, as evidenced by the rise in pet sitters who specialize in chickens, ornithological references on Portlandia, and chicken coops with more style than my apartment. There are even nests for humans, like this one at Treebones Resort in Big Sur — though I’m not sure if it makes me want to call up a few […]

A vintage hotel with wheels in Big Sur

It’s pretty fair to say Airstreamania is in full swing. It’s got all the big checks: small space, retro lines, gleaming exterior that catches the hazy low Western sunlight just so and reflects landscapes backatcha, like a movie. It’s camping but better. Our latest find is this 22-foot vintage beaut stationed in Big Sur for renting (From $195/night).