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A Wine Editor’s Take on Chips and Beer

Sunset wine editor Sara Schneider applies her honed palate to the pedestrian potato chip. The beers (and wines) that measured up.

Beer and Music, Together At Last

Beer has always played a supporting role at concerts, but finally there’s a music festival that gives beer its long-due recognition.

A Guide to Portland’s Beer Scene, By Bike

It doesn’t get more Portland than bikes and craft beer—except, perhaps, putting a bird on it—so it was only a matter of time before someone combined the two.

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Farm-to-bottle brews on tap in California

Is it even legal to set up a pickle business, jam shop, or restaurant here and NOT source ingredients locally? Local isn’t just a trend these days, it’s wound into our DNA. Case in point: Jesse Friedman (above, left) and Damian Fagan, the duo behind San Francisco’s Almanac Beer, who infuse their brews with fruits they’ve carefully vetted and sourced from California farms.