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Designer Feed: Vancouver edition

Last week I went down the rabbit hole of Vancouver interior designers. Holy gorgeous. I’ll never again forget our friends up north! Here are a few of my favorites I’m following now.

Designer feed: a few of my favorite things

It is slow going this week, isn’t it? Pry yourself out of bed (and our shared holiday stupor) with a few of my favorite things: flowers, watercolors, bookcases. Here’s hoping your 2016 is full of what you like best.

Designer feed: new hotels, stylish kitchens, and cottage envy

Oh, the goodies I have in store for you today! An awesome new hotel room in Bozeman (possibly my favorite Western city), a cottage I’d gladly rent on AirBNB if it were listed, and kitchens that have me wishing my landlord would let me tear down a wall or two. See this week’s top Instagram photos after the jump.

Get the vibe: Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles

You know how you never want to check out of some hotel rooms? The Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles is one of those. Roman Alonso of Commune Design, the design team behind the hotel, gave us his tips for bringing that feeling home. JC: How do you create a relaxed hotel room vibe at home? RA: You want sound quality […]