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String Gardens: Elevating Hanging Plants to Art

I love a hanging fern or succulent, but they’re nowhere near as eye-catching as my new obsession: Dutch horticultural artist Fedor van der Valk’s string gardens, which are essentially hanging works of floral art. Behold: For more eye candy, check out Pop Sugar Home’s interview with van der Valk, featuring more photos of his dazzling work. Photo source: Annelie Bruijn / Pop Sugar Home

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How Western artists do gardening

A Westerner who isn’t a gardener created a Western garden. That’s the short version behind these awe-inspiring “trees” made from rebar and filled with bougainvillea in the Central Garden at L.A.’s Getty Center.

The California desert inspires art

Tell me this mini-movie from clothier Leisure Society doesn’t inspire a trip to Joshua Tree (and big-time eyeglasses lust). Plus, now I have a serious crush on the Shimmering Stars, the Vancouver (B.C.) band who provides the tunes. The ocean ain’t got nothing on this desert.

Westphoric guide: Gifts for father’s day

Another tie for father’s day? C’mon, you’re more creative than that. If not, well, you’ve come to the right place. The photog Encourage the photo habit with this hand crafted camera strap from San Francisco artist Christopher Reardon, or pick up the new Lytro camera for the earliest of adopters. This cutting edge camera lets you focus AFTER taking the […]

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