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Arts and Crafts and Cookies

                  Those glorious Arts and Crafts tiles from the 1920s have been on our mind lately, for a couple of reasons. The first is an exhibition that opened at Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum on February 22 that’s devoted to the Berkeley-based company California Faience. It includes this earthenware tile (above) designed by cofounders William Bragdon and […]

(Modernism) Weekend Update

Get on the bus with your Weekender Ticket! This Columbus Day weekend, Modernism Week’s Fall Preview takes over Palm Springs, and if you read your October issue of Sunset, you’ll know this already. (You did, didn’t you? Of course you did.) What you didn’t know, because it hadn’t been announced by the time we went to press, was that the […]

A Malibu Airplane House

Rihanna, filmed in front of a Malibu house made from parts of a deconstructed 747 jumbo jet for a Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot. This is a Part II for us. A story about the building of this house ran in our May 2010 issue here.

Houseboat envy

Today, on my way to a meeting in Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood, I made a wrong turn onto this dead-end street. Deck dock? Rooftop living room? Backyard slide INTO A LAKE? Yes please. Houseboat envy, indeed.