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Shell stops drilling in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea after long environmental battle

Royal Dutch Shell announced on Monday that, after nine years and $7 billion and several PR black eyes, it was pulling the plug on drilling in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea “for the foreseeable future.”

Salmon leather—the next frontier in luxury, and sustainability!

In Alaska alone, some 2 billion pounds of fish waste are dumped overboard or in a landfill each year. To those of us who care about sustainable fish catches, that’s a problem—and an opportunity, at least for entrepreneur Craig Kasberg.

Wood bison, a Lazarus species, is back from extinction

An entire animal species come back from the dead? That’s exactly the news out of Ecuador this summer, where three scientific teams rediscovered the Azuay stubfoot toad (Atelopus bomolochos), a bright orange amphibian that was declared extinct after a final sighting in 2002.

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