You Should Paint Your Brick

A friend of mine bought a house recently and she called me to debate whether to paint her red brick fireplace white. I will always say, “Paint it!” Unless you have exceptionally gorgeous brick or you can’t get enough red in your room, painting it white (or black) is going to look much more fresh. Remember, brick is not a […]

Ask the Expert: Miguel Nelson on Vertical Gardens

We asked Miguel Nelson, founder of Wooly Pocket, for his expert advice on using living wall planters. I have no ground space but I really want a vegetable garden. Can I grow edible plants in the Living Wall Planter?  Is it safe? Which will do best? ­ ­—Penny Conwell, Portland, OR Yes, yummy organic edibles thrive in Woolly Pockets, especially […]

Links We Love: Fire & Water

Autumn = foliage, apples, pumpkins, and getting cozy by the fireplace. We’ve rounded up some stylish ways to make the mantle a focal point of your home. And because the drought isn’t anywhere near improving (gulp), we’ve included some great expert tips on reducing your everyday use.

How to Pick the Perfect Fig

If you’ve made the same mistake of biting into a fig before it’s fully ripe, take a look at our ripeness chart. You’ll never make the same mistake again.