Designer feed: makers gonna make

Do you ever get that urge to step away from the screen and do something–anything–that’s not virtual? I’ve got the itch to make something this week. So far, it’s only been brownies, but I’m inspired by these Western makers to try something a little more advanced (and, um, permanent).

Wine blending as art—not fad

Have you noticed what section of bottles in wine shops and supermarket wine aisles is growing faster than any other? It’s “Miscellaneous Red Blends.” Mostly these days, that means a random and puzzling mix of red grapes—some popular (Zinfandel, Cabernet) and some not so much, which means there’s an overabundance of the wine, and it needs a way to be […]

Links we love: A better boudoir

Here’s how to spice things up in the bedroom—with your decor! (Someone’s got a dirty mind and it ain’t me, ahem.)

Would you grow this hybrid plant?

So far it’s only available in Britain, but it’s only a matter of time until Thompson and Morgan’s new ‘Egg and Chips’ will be available for U.S. gardeners.