What to eat instead of Dungeness crab this year

Given the gloomy outlook for Dungeness crab season this year, we crab-lovers might need to contemplate a whole new holiday tradition. I have two suggestions.

Top 3 holiday hosting hacks

I did an unofficial survey around the office and asked 10 people the same question: “What’s your favorite part of the holidays?” Nine of them gave some variation on “being together with my family” or “enjoying a meal with loved ones.” The other person said, “My favorite part of the holidays is when they’re over. I’m always the hostess!” So […]

Pear-gingerbread upside-down cake from Heartlandia

Associate Garden Editor Lauren Dunec Hoang discovered that, during the holidays, this delicious pear-gingerbread upside-down can be breakfast!

El Niño prep: Harvest rain from your roof

Santa Fe permaculture landscape designer Nate Downey knows the drill: Do a rain dance for weeks, then rejoice as it falls before cursing the flooding and erosion it causes.