The landscapes of the West that take our breath away are around every corner.

Road Tripping with Rock Stars

For our August issue, writer Rachel Levin and photographer Jen Siska hopped in the van with Bay Area country-rock band Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers to get an insider view of how musicians road trip the West — and they picked up lots of helpful tidbits for navigating the backroads and postage stamp-sized towns of our beloved region. Here, we […]

Airstream Hotels

Have you heard that Sunset has a massive love affair with Airstreams? If you couldn’t tell from the May cover, well, we do. And while we imagine a world of endless summers and Airstreams for everyone, the reality is we can’t all have a silvery bullet proudly parked in our driveway. Lucky for us, there’s a new crop of quirky Airstream hotels that have all the romance of the open road, with none of the heavy towing.

San Francisco’s Seafaring Forager

San Franciscans know their foraging. Menus here overflow with wild edibles from miner’s lettuce to fennel pollen, and outdoorsy chefs and home cooks trample our hillsides in spring and fall in search of wild mushrooms. Kirk Lombard, however, would like to introduce you to the final frontier of foraging: the ocean.

A Moonlight Dinner for Yurtaholics

Crested Butte is one of the most iconic, authentically Western ski destinations in North America, but the residents of this tiny town are also known for doing things in the name of fun that others might consider somewhat dubious. Weird parades? Festivals involving the burning of a ginormous “Grump” effigy? Costumed nordic ski marathons? So it comes as no surprise that a moonlight cross-country ski or snowshoe trek to eat in a yurt is considered a good time here.

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