The landscapes of the West that take our breath away are around every corner.

Spirit of the Old West: Visit this California ghost town

There is something oddly but powerfully alluring about a ghost town. Perhaps it is the voyeuristic intrigue of a city abandoned but still left standing. Perhaps it’s the chance to witness the magic of Pompeii—without the lava.

The best coastal towns in California, free concerts in Portland, and more great weekend travel finds

Where to go this weekend: Cheyenne Frontier Days!

Wyoming’s capital celebrates its Old West roots this weekend with Cheyenne Frontier Days—a great reason to cycle, ride horses, and sample craft beer in this fun-loving town. Here’s how to go, from Denver-based writer Davina van Buren.

Secret coastal retreat: Eureka, CA

It takes awhile to get to Eureka from just about anywhere—it’s a five-hour drive north of San Francisco, a 7-hour drive south from Portland. But once you’re there, you realize it’s worth the trip. The city of 26,000 has a stunning setting—it’s on the shores of one of the Pacific Coast’s great bays, Humboldt, and the giant trees of Redwood […]