The landscapes of the West that take our breath away are around every corner.

The problem with Yosemite’s big, bad news

There are certain travel icons that should never be re-named: The Eiffel Tower. The Statue of Liberty. The Taj Mahal.

So yesterday, when the news broke that The Ahwahnee, among other Yosemite National Park facilities, is being rebranded because of a trademark dispute with Delaware North, my heart sank in my chest.

3 ways to enjoy Yosemite in winter

Half Dome sporting a snowy cap, ice-skating at Curry Village—these are just some of the pleasures of a winter visit to Yosemite National Park. One more: relative solitude. The park gets only one-fifth as many visitors in January as in July. Dan Koeppel shares the best ways to experience the park in all its winter glory.

Free admission to the West’s state parks on Black Friday

This Black Friday, instead of squeezing yourself into crowded malls, download a free pass to see the redwoods up close and person. What a perfect day to trot that turkey off. 

Fall Road Trip, Day 7: Canyonlands and T-Rex tracks

Unlike The Arches, few visitors take on all of Canyonlands in one day. It stretches across more than 500 square-miles. Regardless, this grand park is a must-see when staying in Moab. When coming from town drive through Dead Horse State Park. This gem hosts Dead Horse Point Overlook, which definitely warrants a photo stop. Travelers tight on time, like myself, can explore Island […]