Throwback Thursday

Yellow and Fabulous: The Mother of All Chicken Coops

When chickens have a better-looking home than you do, that’s when you know they’re living it large.

The Day Julia Child Came to Lunch at Sunset

  It was thrilling. I was a young food writer, and Julia Child, America’s biggest (and tallest!) food celebrity, was coming for lunch at Sunset during a book tour.

Defining California Cuisine

This week I stumbled upon an old article that Kim Severson wrote for The New York Times about how Sunset defined California cuisine—you know, before California cuisine was a thing. She did this in light of the publishing of “The Sunset Cookbook,” a collection of a thousand recipes from years of the magazine’s testing and tasting.

Sunset‘s December Covers, from 1914 to 2014

It’s the month of celebration. Thanksgiving in November is just the start of holiday parties on top of holiday parties on top of holiday parties. Then, suddenly, it’s New Years. And so, that time of year is here. As everyone knows, magazines publish several weeks ahead of the game to give you ample time to prepare.