Throwback Thursday

Sunset‘s First Edible Gardening Book

A couple of weeks ago, San Francisco announced a tax break for those who turn their vacant lots into urban farms. Basically, if accepted into the program, the property owner’s annual dues to the city would drop significantly—as long as they agreed to upkeep it for at least five years and use the produce for the community’s betterment.

Hot Dog Days of Summer

Sunset has published countless cookbooks—ones on grilling, casseroles, seafood, vegetarian food, and even Chinese food. In my recent search of the Sunset archives, I stumbled upon a surprising collection of recipes. It’s not a book, but it’s more like a pamphlet. Printed in 1960, this mini-book has 45 different ways to prepare hot dogs.

What Was Sunset Up to 100 Years Ago?

Since this is the last week of my summer internship here at Sunset, I got started thinking about all the history behind this 116-year-old publication. Where was the first garden we planted? What was the first recipe we published? When did we first profile a Western home? And who illustrated the beautiful vintage covers?

Sunset‘s One-Block Feast

Remember when we raised hens, kept bees, and attempted to time-share a Jersey cow named Adelaide? That was all part of our One-Block Diet, a quest we launched in 2007 to live off our own land. We made cheese, bottled wine, grew a bounty of beautiful, fresh produce, and even harvested salt from ocean water—all right outside our office in […]