The Sip

Radical recipes: a wacky yet genius butter-washed bourbon cocktail

At his farm dinner for Sunset in this month’s issue, Denver chef Alex Seidel served a fantastically flavorful bourbon cocktail called The Slow Hand. The recipe is so wacky we just had to try making it ourselves.

10 dog-friendly breweries in the West

Enjoy a beer where your dog is actually treated like man’s best friend. At these breweries, you can bring your pup anywhere your pint is—indoors and out. 

Where to go this weekend: Malibu’s wine scene

There’s never been a shortage of reasons to scoot up Pacific Coast Highway from L.A. to Malibu on a warm weekend—surfer-coated swells off iconic beaches, a mystic spirit in chaparral-covered hills. But a product of those hills has become the newest reason to come: wine.

Founder of new Oakland Wine Festival spills the grapes

There’s no shortage of places to sip a casual glass in the Bay Area—or events that pair many sips and bites. But when was the last time you took a deep dive with a vintner at a wine festival?