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What I’m Drinking This Week: Thanksgiving Edition

When it comes to finding a great wine match for the sweet and spicy flavors in most Thanksgiving menus, it’s all about fruit. White or red, you want a wine with exuberant ripe fruit flavors that meet the flagrant sugar and spice in the food. Here are my go-to whites and reds.

Extreme Wine-Label Decoding

The front label is a mysterious vertical strip—a stack of various-size color blocks, mostly green, yellowish, trailing into purple. That’s all she wrote. But the minds behind Uproot wine are betting that we’ll gain something from the colors on the front strip—a taste impression, in fact.

Washington Wine? There’s an App for That

Wine apps are a dime a dozen these days. But my newest favorite wine app doesn’t let you input, organize, or track anything at all. It aims to teach. And would that old-fashioned classrooms were this amusing.

Bottoms Up For Halloween!

Ravenswood will be my Halloween wine, and Zinfandel the grape—I’m in with the big, black birds. In fact, Zin happens to be my go-to variety for the festivities because it’s a great match for the spicy food we tend to eat on Halloween (think thick red chile stew). Also, it’s the only red with a prayer of a chance of tasting good with chocolate.

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