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Cruise News

After 117 years (which is how old Sunset is), you’d think we’d have done it all. But you’d be wrong! We’re launching (literally) something new this summer: our first-ever Sunset Wine Cruise—in the Mediterranean!

Drink Up! Three Days Left to Try a Terrific Beer

The San Francisco Brewers Guild has outdone itself this year. Swept by Fire, a collaboration beer produced especially for (and served only during) SF Beer Week, is a complex, delicious smoked pale ale with a romantic raison d’etre.

All Hail SF Beer Week

Now in its 7th year, SF Beer Week (Feb. 6-15) is quickly turning into the early-semester keg party no one wants to miss. With more than 700 events spread over 10 days, the festival pours a river of craft brew that flows into every corner of the Bay Area, from restaurants to dive bars to your favorite brewpub with the […]

Sunset’s Favorite New Bars of 2014

As 2014 rolls to a close, the staff at Sunset has been looking back on the year that’s passed and celebrating our favorite openings across the West. We tallied the new restaurants we enjoyed most and, now, we’re looking at 2014’s greatest bars, the pubs, cocktail lounges, and breweries most deserving of repeat sipping trips.