The Sip

Wine blending as art—not fad

Have you noticed what section of bottles in wine shops and supermarket wine aisles is growing faster than any other? It’s “Miscellaneous Red Blends.” Mostly these days, that means a random and puzzling mix of red grapes—some popular (Zinfandel, Cabernet) and some not so much, which means there’s an overabundance of the wine, and it needs a way to be […]

Now trending: craft beer and yoga

What you want after a relaxing yoga class is … a relaxing drink, right? Keep the effect going. That makes the newest trend at craft breweries brilliant—bring the yoga to the beer!

Idaho, a state poised for winemaking greatness

Let’s say one of your New Year’s resolutions was to explore a new wine region. Can I suggest Idaho? With more than 50 wineries and a growing amount of serious winemaking talent on the ground, this is a state poised for greatness.

Wines by the glass—a good thing … finally

When was the last time you ordered a whole bottle of wine in a restaurant? It seems as though, except for top celebrations in the most expensive places, most of us these days just sit down and turn right to the Wines by the Glass section.