The Sip

Win a trip to a hop farm

Goose Island Beer Co. is a craft brewery based in Chicago. I should say, it used to be a craft brewery. In 2011, it sold 58% of the company to Anheuser-Busch for a cool $38.8 million. Which, if you’re a pint-fisted craft purist, is like being kicked in the belly by a team of Budweiser Clydesdales. Still, I’ve had their beers and they’re […]

The only margarita recipe you’ll ever need

  There are plenty of days—most, I’d say—when it’s a good idea to go out for margaritas. Cinco de Mayo is not one of them. Hitting the bar or restaurant that claims the best margarita in town on the 5th of May is like buying long-stemmed roses on February 15. It’s a rookie move, and you’re not a rookie.

Cruise News

After 117 years (which is how old Sunset is), you’d think we’d have done it all. But you’d be wrong! We’re launching (literally) something new this summer: our first-ever Sunset Wine Cruise—in the Mediterranean!

Drink Up! Three Days Left to Try a Terrific Beer

The San Francisco Brewers Guild has outdone itself this year. Swept by Fire, a collaboration beer produced especially for (and served only during) SF Beer Week, is a complex, delicious smoked pale ale with a romantic raison d’etre.