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Santa Barbara’s Hidden Gem

My colleague Kathy Brenzel, our sage Garden Editor and the doyenne of dahlias and dogwood, recently told me how much she loves the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, so I made a beeline there on a visit earlier this month. I’ve been to Santa Barbara countless times and I’d never heard of the garden, which is tucked up Mission Canyon, a […]

Idea We Love: Floating Sauna by goCstudio

On any given summer day, the waters around Seattle (Lake Union, Lake Washington, the Puget Sound) are bustling with water toys: sailboats and kayaks and SUPs (standup paddle boards). There are even SUP yoga classes. Yes, people hold yoga positions while balancing on boards floating on the water. (I am not one of those people.) Whatever the aquatic activity, on […]

Up in Smoke: Stifling Heat, Wildfires and the Toll on Human Health

Parched California continues to swelter as Californians suffer the hottest, driest year on record in 120 years, and now it’s ablaze. In iconic Yosemite Park, 100 campers and hikers were recently evacuated by helicopter from areas near Half Dome Peak. The state’s historic drought is making matters so much worse–and deep concerns about drought are gripping the West.

Join Our Wildfire Chat on Wednesday

It’s fire season. And since it’s been a particularly tough year with wildfires, Sunset’s editors will be hosting a Twitter chat to help West coast families prepare for possible flames. We’ll talk basics (How quickly does a wildfire travel?) to in-depth ways on how to make your house and garden fire-smart.