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Join Our Drought Chat This Wednesday

As California continues to experience one of the worst drought seasons on record, the editors at Sunset decided we couldn’t just stand by and watch. On Wednesday, August 6, at 11 a.m. PDT, we’ll be hosting a Twitter chat about water usage, as well as the policies we should have in place regarding future seasons like this.

Recap: Tiny House Panel at Celebration Weekend

There was big love for the tiny house at Sunset’s annual Celebration Weekend. We were lucky to have four experts speak about their experiences building and living in a tiny house, and being part of the tiny house community. Some highlights: When asked do you miss anything about living more conventionally? Ella Dawn Jenkins said: Not really because what’s important to […]

Don’t Miss: California’s Bookstore Day

Remember Sleepless in Seattle? Not so long ago, we were all mourning the imminent end of independent booksellers, beset as they were by the megastores (Barnes & Noble, Borders) and the web (Amazon). Now they’re having the last—or at least the latest—laugh.

Floral design from the color wheel

Did you catch our March story on floral design tips from the pro? Debra Prinzing, author, Seattle-ite, and dear friend of Sunset, shares her choice tips on using color theory when arranging flowers to avoid a vase of confetti.