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Cool Class: Straw-Bale Homes 101

There are so many high-tech ways to build a house. You can meld shipping containers for a new take on modular homes, you can go utterly passive and ditch the furnace and AC all together, you can even build a structure almost entirely out of glass–and that’s all way cool.

Formal Gardening, Western Style

I like formal gardens. Symmetry makes me feel calm. Keeping plants in the mostly green and leafy realm creates a feeling of peaceful tranquility. And sometimes the style just goes perfectly with the adjacent architecture.

But formal gardens can be a bit…um, predictable.

Meet the Designer: Vanessa De Vargas

This week we sat down to get to know Vanessa De Vargas, who is designing the Reimagining the Sunset Home exhibit’s master suite.

Meet the Designer: Daniel Nolan, Flora Grubb Gardens

We’ve rounded up five of the best up-and-coming designers from around the West and asked them to design rooms inspired by iconic Sunset rooms from the 1940s through the ’80s. Their rooms will be on display at the Reimagining the Sunset Home exhibit at our annual Celebration Weekend festival in Menlo Park, California, on June 1-2, 2013. This week we sat down to get to know […]