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A vintage chicken coop with a ‘chunnel’

Between its Victorian corbels and dormers, this Bay Area chicken coop is not only unique, but a nod back to 19th century design.

What’s next—tagging El Capitan?

Whether it’s thanks to Banksy or Basquiat or San Francisco’s Balmy Street murals, graffiti has become transgressively cool, and it can be a vibrant expression of urban energy and our multicultural heritage. But when it’s in our national parks? Not such a great idea, perhaps.

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A stunning, drought-friendly chicken coop

It isn’t everyday I stumble upon a chicken coop that’s equally sleek, creative, and water wise. Eager to learn about this drought-friendly design, I chatted with Santa Barbara architect, Alex Wyndham, to get the full scoop on Toro Canyon’s Chicken House.

The West’s best sports events (Part 2)

I remember the first taxi ride I ever had in New York City. The cabbie asked me what I was doing in New York. I told him I had just finished an interview for a job at ABC Sports. He replied, “Schports?! I love schports! When I go home, I’m going to turn on the Knicks game. The rest of that […]