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The best craft-beer road trip

It took a Westerner, of course, to come up with the algorithmically perfected road trip that stops at the top 72 breweries in the country, as named by the experts at the website RateBeer.

Salmon leather—the next frontier in luxury, and sustainability!

In Alaska alone, some 2 billion pounds of fish waste are dumped overboard or in a landfill each year. To those of us who care about sustainable fish catches, that’s a problem—and an opportunity, at least for entrepreneur Craig Kasberg.

Vintage Beetles, now with electric motors!

Think of Zelectric Motors as a genius mash-up of The Six Million Dollar Man and The Love Bug. (“We can rebuild it. We can make it better than it was.”)

This weekend: Prep your earthquake kit—here’s how

Ask anyone on the West Coast what their Facebook feed was serving up last weekend, and odds are it was an unsettlingly heavy dose of The New Yorker’s fascinating/terrifying article on the Pacific Northwest’s Cascadia subduction zone—which when (not if) it ruptures with a magnitude 8.7+ quake and resulting tsunami, is projected to rock and wash Seattle, Portland, and many other major cities off their foundations. Imagine the special effects […]