Made in the West

At the Corner of Hollywood and… Santa Fe?

Not that we’re taking sides in the debate over film-production tax credits—what they do (or don’t do) for the economies of those states, such as New Mexico, that offer them, and what harm they’re wreaking (or not wreaking) on the entertainment industry back in greater L.A. But one thing we do approve of: the diversity of landscape appearing on our […]

Where to Find Delicious Indian Street Food

Although you can find street snacks at many restaurants in the West, not all are good. These are reliably excellent places—some are traditionally Indian; some take a fresh, modern approach.

Floral design from the color wheel

Did you catch our March story on floral design tips from the pro? Debra Prinzing, author, Seattle-ite, and dear friend of Sunset, shares her choice tips on using color theory when arranging flowers to avoid a vase of confetti.

Kyle Schuneman Launches Upholstery Line

Earlier this year, we took you inside interior designer Kyle Schuneman’s clever apartment. He’s a master at making small spaces and rentals feel like dream homes. While working with clients on their spaces, Kyle realized he was always looking for affordable, apartment-scale upholstered pieces that weren’t boring or afterthoughts. So he partnered with Apt2B to develop his own line.