Made in the West

Joyeux anniversaire, Marin French Cheese Company!

Not only has Marin French Cheese Company been around for 150 years (that’s almost forever in Western terms), but it’s also still winning serious national and international awards. So maybe you should help them celebrate.

Airbnb this: cozy Bay Area treehouse

About 18 years ago, contractor and treehouse-builder Doug Studebaker began constructing this whimsical sky-high retreat. Over the last four years, the treehouse transformed from a kid-friendly headquarters to a vacation destination for travelers from all across the world.

Our newest ceramic obsession: Mazama Wares

From Portland–the home of craft beer, cider, spirits, coffee, you name it–comes Mazama Wares. The ceramics company’s drinking vessels, from mugs to cocktail tumblers, are each thrown by hand and finished with an unglazed base trim. This year, Mazama Wares debuted the large Crater cappuccino mug (shown above, named after Oregon’s Crater Lake). More into making than drinking? Don’t miss […]

A vintage chicken coop with a ‘chunnel’

Between its Victorian corbels and dormers, this Bay Area chicken coop is not only unique, but a nod back to 19th century design.