Made in the West

Kyle Schuneman Launches Upholstery Line

Earlier this year, we took you inside interior designer Kyle Schuneman’s clever apartment. He’s a master at making small spaces and rentals feel like dream homes. While working with clients on their spaces, Kyle realized he was always looking for affordable, apartment-scale upholstered pieces that weren’t boring or afterthoughts. So he partnered with Apt2B to develop his own line.

Cool Online Shop: Fleapop

Nearly every designer I know has a cool stash of goods and I’ve always wished I could shop it. So I was excited to hear about Santa Monica-based Fleapop, an online home for pros (and the rest of us) to buy and sell their collection of furniture, pillows, and accessories.

Kickstarter We Love: TogetherFarm Blocks

Portland’s TogetherFarm is on a mission to make gardening easier, sustainable and more accessible for everyone – even if that means your growing space is the size of a broom closet.

A High-Tech Habitat for Ducks

The happening new thing at Seattle’s PBG is the custom-designed “duckaponics” system. Owner Kevin Scott-Vandenberge wanted a duck habitat that utilized the principles of aquaponics, so employee Brian Genung built him one. Rat-proof, and self-cleaning –watering, and -fertilizing, this ingenious waterfowl fortress is also solar-powered.