House Crush

Denver: The West’s New Furniture Capital

We’re making progress on the 2015 Sunset Idea House in Denver–I’m heading there next week to check it out. Each time we go, it seems another furniture maker pops up (does everyone in this city know how to use a block plane?).

How to Stencil a Wall

photo: E. Spencer Toy Stenciling is still cool! And it’s an inexpensive way to get a dramatic new look.

Affordable Art for the Nature-Lover

Our garden design assistant Lauren Dunec Hoang is getting ready to move into a new place and asked me where to find affordable art to fill those bare walls. Lauren, I GET YOU. Someday we’ll both have the cash to throw behind a more serious collection, but there are still great options for less than $100.

Inexpensive design tricks for updating your living room

As part of our new Room Refresh video series on easy and inexpensive ways to update and organize the look of your home, we are unveiling three new videos this week all about one of the most-used rooms of any house: the living room. From simple tricks to modernize your fireplace and bookshelf to inexpensive décor swaps, these ideas are simple to pull off and will make your living room feel cozier and instantly more up-to-date.