House Crush

5 top vintage furniture dealers on Instagram

As a Sunset editor, I make every attempt to be on top of my field. But in an area as personal as home design, it’s the homeowners that often surprise me with new ideas and sources. Case in point: When I talked to Randy Hild about the mid-century modern home he and his wife remodeled (that’s their living room above), I remarked on […]

Could you live in 168 square feet?

Imagine a standard office cubicle (or if you’re in one right now, look around). Now double it and think about where you’d put your bed, your kitchen, your bathroom, and your living room. Congratulations, you’ve just designed your own tiny house.

Designer feed: an insane garage, cool chairs, and sneak peeks

I think I just became a maximalist. More stuff, more color, more pattern, more aged finishes. You’ll see why as you scroll through this week’s goody bag of Instagram shots from the West’s best designers and architects.

See inside Joe Karnes’ (from Fitz and the Tantrums) house

If there’s one category of home I love to peek into, it’s a musician’s home. I like to see how their creativity and musical style translates into a physical space. So when I heard about Joe Karnes and Samantha Scharff’s remodel in L.A., I knew I had to see how the bassist from Fitz and the Tantrums and his family live.