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5 fire-resistant plants for your garden landscape

If you’re in an area where wildfires are prevalent, you can help protect your property and garden by landscaping with fire-resistant plants. These are plants that tend to hold water in their stems or leaves. They also grow low, slow, and with little care, and have less volatile resins or oils. Lindsey Collinsworth, education director at the San Luis Obispo […]

5 wildfire safety tips to protect your garden

With deadly wildfires raging across Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California, thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes in the West.

What it’s like to be a sod farmer in the middle of a drought

With state mandates calling for the reduction of lawn in landscapes and cash-for-grass rebates popping up everywhere, I thought I’d ask Ed Zuckerman, the founder of California’s largest sod farm, Delta Bluegrass Company, what it’s really like to be a turf farmer in these dry times.

4 ways to keep your soil well-hydrated during the drought

After two very dry winters and recent mandates to conserve water, many of the Bay Area gardens I’ve been in this summer are very parched.