Giveaway: Camp Sunset Book

Releasing this May, our new Camp Sunset book is a visually stunning guide to the great outdoors. We’re so excited for you to read it, we can barely wait. 


Giveaway: The Aromatherapy Garden, signed by the author!

We’re giving Kathi Keville’s recent release, The Aromatherapy Garden, some social love this week!


Giveaway: Tickets to our Celebration Weekend

Friends, starting today, we’ll be giving away tickets to Sunset’s Celebration Weekend every Wednesday until the big day(s)! (May 14 and 15, in case you didn’t remember.)

Giveaway: Brunch with American Idol‘s Kris Allen

Let’s talk about Kris Allen for a second. And then let’s talk about how you could eat brunch with him: the winner of American Idol‘s eighth season.