Devouring the Drive

For me, as someone who sees the world food first, the real glory of any road trip is what I’m going to eat along the way.

Chocolate Chocolate Teacake from Huckleberry

Chocolate (tea)cake for breakfast? Yes, please. Editorial Assistant Emma Wartzman shows us the way. I jumped at the opportunity to participate in this round of the Sunset Cookbook Club because I’m from Los Angeles and have the pleasure of knowing (and loving) Zoe Nathan’s baking in real life. Her cafe in Santa Monica, where these recipes come from, is a […]

Brad’s Homemade Bacon

Brad Lettau, executive chef at the Hitching Post II in Buellton, CA, started making bacon several years ago, to give to special customers. Now his monster slices (cut half an inch thick from smoked slabs, then grilled until crisp-edged) are something of a cult item.

Tomato-Goat Cheese Cobbler from Huckleberry

Deputy Art Director Supriya Kalidas, an adventurous cook, faced her fears about baking and created a cobbler to die for. I am a fairly confident and somewhat adventurous cook, but a baker I am not. I like to improvise while cooking, and the need for a strict adherence to a recipe while baking terrifies me. I went without an oven […]