Perfect pairings for your summer BBQs

Here in the West, grilling outdoors is a year-round lifestyle—but even we can admit that grilled food simply tastes better when it’s enjoyed with friends and family at a summer barbeque. And preferably with a few bottles of good wine on the table too.

What to sip: The world’s best beer is a pale ale from Olympia, WA

The world’s best beer is made in the Northwest. And that’s not just boastful brewers’ hyperbolic pride. Olympia, Washington–based Fish Brewing Company’s Beyond the Pale Ale was named the Best Beer in the World at the 2015 World Beer Awards, beating out more than 1,000 competitors from 30 countries. That’s right, the original home of Olympia Beer—proclaimed the West Coast’s best brew […]

3 great food pairings for Sunset’s Firstleaf wines!

I love that it’s my job to help get tasty wine into people’s lives, and one of the cool new ways we have to do that at Sunset is our wine club, Firstleaf.

Wine blending as art—not fad

Have you noticed what section of bottles in wine shops and supermarket wine aisles is growing faster than any other? It’s “Miscellaneous Red Blends.” Mostly these days, that means a random and puzzling mix of red grapes—some popular (Zinfandel, Cabernet) and some not so much, which means there’s an overabundance of the wine, and it needs a way to be […]