Office Swag

Starting in early spring (which here in California means February), bags and boxes of homegrown fruits and vegetables start showing up around our offices. Lots of employees have edible gardens and, more important, are moved to share what they grow.

What’s Your Favorite Way to Cook Brussels Sprouts?

A long, long time ago—in June, to be precise—we asked you via our Facebook page how you cook your Brussels sprouts. These wacky doodle vegetables are a quite a conundrum, wouldn’t you agree?

A Visit to Kona Coffee Living History Farm

Heading to the Big Island? If you’re interested in food, agriculture, and old Hawaii, be sure to catch the Kona Coffee Living History Farm. It was fun to see the way coffee used to be grown and processed, but the compelling part for me was the stories the docents told of the everyday life of the Uchida family, the Japanese-American farmers […]

Kitchen Tip: How to Scrape and Use Whole Vanilla Beans

One of the recipes being tested in the Sunset test kitchen this week is for vanilla pastry cream. The recipe calls for “half a vanilla bean, scraped,” and this caused a few questions for clarification from our re-testers. I thought I’d take a moment to explain what this means.