Dream Life

People live here or move West to realize their dreams or behave however they want. Here, our heroes.

The Best and Most Improbable Documentary Ever

My favorite documentary is shot on grainy 16mm film, has a monotone narration, and includes little action—a 52-year-old man builds a tiny cabin in the Alaska wilderness in the late 1960s. And yet, as millions have discovered, the 57-minute film Alone in the Wilderness is completely mesmerizing.

New at The Future Perfect: Calico wallpaper

Last week, I sat down to lunch with Nick Cope and Rachel Mosler. They’re two Brooklynites whose jobs as an interior designer and art therapist were upended when Hurricane Sandy blew through NYC. While the city recovered, they took a chance on combining their skills by starting a wallpaper line. Rachel started experimenting with marbling techniques while Nick played with manipulating […]

Airstream Life: Living the Sunset Dream

I’ve always been an intrepid soul, whether I’m running around the world on The Amazing Race in 2012, or running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain in 2013. Every year seems to bring a new adventure, and 2014 hasn’t been any different. Call me crazy, but I’ve been living the dream life inside an airstream trailer. And I love it.

Modern Garden Gift Ideas

One of the greatest things about owning a store is the relationship you develop with your customers…but also your vendors.  I remember the day that landscape designer Steve Siegrist and artist Renee Lotenero came into the store with a box of their new planters…