Dream Life

People live here or move West to realize their dreams or behave however they want. Here, our heroes.

Rare blue moon to occur on Friday, July 31

Most years, we get 12 full moons. One for each month. On the rare occasion that there’s an extra moon in a calendar month, we label it a “blue moon.”

President Roosevelt’s “Floating White House”: SF Bay’s top cruise?

Meet Oakland’s Cat Whisperers

An unlikely duo is changing the way the Bay Area adopts cats and drinks coffee. Since opening America’s first cat cafe in Oakland last October, owners Ann Dunn and Adam Myatt have found themselves living in a real-world Internet meme: herding cats, commissioning sprawling Catzilla murals, and getting cat tattoos. But they aren’t your typical crazy cat people. Dunn and Myatt founded […]

10 dog-friendly trails near San Francisco

As spring swings into full gear, there’s no better time to grab a four-legged friend and hit the trails. Narrowing down dog-friendly hikes can be tricky, so here’s a quick compilation for San Francisco pet owners itching for on and off-leash runs.